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A New Normal

Navigating a new normal

Here at Harvest Church we are dedicated to your safety. With the changing landscape brought on by COVID-19 we have altered certain aspects of our Sunday Morning worship to reflect the safety parameters set by the State of New Jersey and the CDC.

See Below for some Frequently Asked Questions about our Sunday Morning Service and how this affects other ministries here at Harvest!
We currently are meeting IN PERSON 
Sunday Mornings at 10am
Are Masks Required?

1.) Are Masks required on Sunday mornings?

In short, yes! A mask will be required to attend our indoor services on Sunday mornings. We simply ask that you keep your mask on until you are seated for the service. Once you are in your seat, you may remove your mask for the Worship and Sermon. If you leave your seat for any reason (to use the bathroom, move seats, leave, etc.) we ask that you put your mask back on.  

Are Online Services Avaliable?

2.) is there an online worship experience available? 

There is! For those who are unable or uncomfortable with attending services in person, we offer a live stream of our 10am Sunday Morning Service every week. You can access that

on our Facebook Page. We also publish our services every week on our Youtube Channel.

3.) What is being done to ensure people's safety?

What's Being Done To Ensure People's Safety?

Your safety is one of our highest priorities. Because of that, we strive to do everything in our power to ensure that the environment we worship in is sanitized and secure. Here are some examples of implemented changes that we've put in place in light of COVID-19...

1.) The already rigorous weekly cleaning schedule has been overhauled and intensified.

2.) Every other row of seats has been roped off to enforce social distancing.

3.) Colored stickers are offered at the door to indicate your comfortability level with hugs, handshakes, and conversation.

4.) Entry ways such as the front doors, sanctuary doors, and bathroom doors are kept open at all times to reduce surface contact between people.

5.) Paper Bulletins have been removed and all information is now communicated digitally through our weekly news letter. If you are not connected with our weekly news letter yet, click here.

6.) The passing of baskets during service has been eliminated. Tithes and offerings can now either be dropped off in the boxes in the back of the Sanctuary, or given online

Comfortable with

hugs, handshakes, etc.

comfortable with

conversation, but

not physical contact.

uncomfortable with

conversation and contact.

Is There Anything Offere For Kids?

4.) Is there anything offered for kids?

Yes! Our children's ministry is constantly adapting to meet the landscape brought on by COVID-19. Currently all children MUST pre-register in order to attend so we can properly prepare for a fun-filled morning! Drop off for our kiddos starts at 9:50am Sunday Morning! If your interested in bringing your child this Sunday, pre-register below!

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